The location of the practice is at the center of the Thessaloniki, at the cross section of Ermou and Karolou Ntil str, across the OTE building

Approaching the practice location is equaly easy from all parts of the city. Traffic is slow at the area, so that you can easily access the location

There is a parking station on the same side of the street in less than 20m distance. Two additional parking stations are within 100m

What kind of services are provided?

Regular paediatric observation, urgent condition management, as well as immunisations of neonates, infants, children and adolescents

Prescription issuing on all insurance providers 

Specialized management of breastfeeding issues

Continuity of care of patients from abroad

At home phototherapy

In addition, in a separate room for procedures, the following can be performed: 

– non invasive billirubin measurement in neonates (jaundice by bilickek) 

– drawing of blood samples (venepancture)

– urinary bladder catheterization

– suprapubic aspiration guided by ultrasound

– nebulization in asthma and bronchiolitis